Optibase reports corporate video system implementation

Source: Optibase

Optibase (NASDAQ:OBAS), a leading provider of advanced video solutions, today announced that a major international financial services company has deployed an Optibase corporate video solution in its continental headquarters in Europe and North America and plans to deploy the service in its Asian headquarters as well.

The Optibase solution enables bank employees to securely access live and on demand video such as financial information and breaking news in trading rooms and at their desks, and serves as a flexible, cost-efficient platform for intra-organizational messaging and corporate training. It provides the strict control that is essential in the banking industry, ensuring that each video channel or on-demand program is accessible only to the appropriate branch office, group or individual.

Based on Optibase's MGW 5100, MGW 1100 and MGW 1000 encoding and streaming platforms, the system simultaneously processes and streams live TV channels, internal VOD, live organizational events and more. Its distributed architecture provides independent local control of the regional system on each continent as well as real-time communication across the entire organization. The regional systems are linked via the bank's secured worldwide fiber network to maximize security. The flexible modular system can be easily expanded to accommodate additional employees and services.

With its corporate video processing and streaming system in place, the financial institution is now planning to make services based on this solution available to the thousands of employees in Europe, North America and Asia. Its legacy playout system will be replaced with the Optibase EZ TV System, which enables users to simultaneously view a variety of live and on-demand video content in a single view or 4, 9, or 16 mosaic view at their desktop or TV, without dedicated hardware or software.

"We are pleased to expand our presence in the financial services arena. The outstanding video quality provided by Optibase MGW video processing platforms, as well as their reliability, robust security and redundancy features, make our solutions a natural for delivering sensitive, critical financial information," said Udi Shani, Executive Vice President Sales. "With the corporate video processing and streaming system in place, we are looking forward to updating the institution's playout system with a cost-effective solution that delivers video over the bank's own global network infrastructure."

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