Pricing Partners integrates Price-it Excel with Reuters 3000 Xtra

Source: Pricing Partners

Pricing Partners, the independent valuation expert and a world leader in cutting edged mathematical models for OTC derivatives and structured products, announced today that Price-it Excel '09 version can now be easily connected to Reuters 3000 Xtra market data thanks to a set of Excel example spreadsheets providing typical Reuters 3000 Xtra tickers for interest rates, equity, inflation, credit, foreign exchange, commodity, funds, and energy.

The Price-it Excel '09 version is shipped with more than 100 market data examples of Reuters 3000 Xtra tickers on markets covering the US, Europe or Asia. Hence, clients with a Reuters 3000 Xtra market data license will be able to use Price-it Excel very rapidly without the need to develop their own market data spreadsheets. Pricing Partners also developed recently a technology to publish easily structured market data object within Excel. This new functionality gives Price-it users the ability to centralize their market data and use them within all spreadsheets of the same Excel session.

Eric Benhamou comments: "Our philosophy is to serve our clients the best and provide them all the tools and technology to make their life easier and more effective. The Price-it Excel '09 version should substantially reduce the workload of our clients to use our analytics and models fed with Reuters 3000 Xtra market data. Reuters 3000 Xtra is a major reference for front office market data. It is therefore a substantial step for us to ease our client workflow when feeding our pricers with Reuters 3000 Xtra market data."

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