LG01 releases data analysis tool

Source: LG01

Data specialist company LG01 has released its latest analysis tool, named LINK, describing it as the easiest to use package of its type, and the only software that provides comprehensive mapping, charting and multi-dimensional tools - all integrated into a single analytical environment.

LG01 provides software solutions to the Education, Finance, Health and Public Sectors, and their clients include 18 of the main degree awarding institutions in the UK and two government agencies.

Marketing Director Robin Whyte says: "LINK is a generic data analysis tool aimed at senior decision makers who need accurate information, quickly and easily. Regardless of the market clients are in, if they have significant quantities of data spread across their business, LINK can turn that data into meaningful information, so that clients can concentrate on getting the answers they need."

He says that LINK represents a significant leap forward in design, functionality and reliability: "LINK has been built from the ground up to utilise the latest Microsoft .NET technology. Our solution successfully links together many disparate sources of data into a single environment, to provide leading edge analysis results."

Robin Whyte adds: "Our purpose is to enable non IT specialists to benefit from the power of computing. We don't expect clients to build complex schemas, to have to employ technical staff to run it for them, or that they must understand the many and various permutations in their data; LG01 and our class leading software takes care of that for them."

"A Mercedes car is a fantastic piece of engineering, but you don't need to understand what happens under the bonnet to appreciate its benefits. In the same way, we don't believe that business managers need to be qualified computer specialists to reap the benefits of a sophisticated data analysis tool."

Robin Whyte says that the development of LINK was in response to a clear market need: "We recognised that our clients typically have significant quantities of data spread across their business. LINK analyses this data and turns it into meaningful information, enabling managers to get the answers they need. Our products and services enable our clients to formulate plans and substantiate strategic decisions for their business."

He adds: "LG01's business philosophy is to ensure that technology is applied simply, to turn complex data into easily manageable information that enables focused decision making. LINK offers clients that application."

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