SIX Telekurs launches online order routing system

Source: SIX Telekurs

SIX Telekurs has recently announced the launch of RIS Trader, an online order routing solution that draws on real-time data from all the world's major stock exchanges.

This innovative solution with its state-of-the-art infrastructure allows banks to provide their customers with fast online order routing without having to set up a special information portal. Users subscribe online to the real-time data they need. With RIS Trader, orders can be generated directly and electronically with a single mouse click.

A range of display functions connect users directly to the real-time data sources, thereby giving them an efficient and direct order-routing tool. The end-users themselves can activate the necessary interfaces which link the bank in question to the RIS Trader. Connections to several banks at any one time are also possible. Users must have a current electronic banking contract with one of the participating banks. RIS Trader utilises the unique data structure of MDF (Market Data Feed), a SIX Telekurs product. This helps to optimise workflow by intelligently cross-referencing data with global securities identifiers, trading places and other components.

According to Markus Benz, Head of Global Partner Business at SIX Telekurs, "RIS Trader provides the most up-to-date prices, thereby enabling the users to trade directly and as effectively as possible. Moreover, this system offers the option of managing a number of safekeeping accounts at different banks simultaneously, which means that one is no longer tied to just a single bank".

Markus Walther, CEO of Caft GmbH, SIX Telekurs' software partner, says: "We are delighted with the very positive response to this product, especially with the high level of acceptance among banks. The security aspect and the segregation of personal bank information were of fundamental importance to us. Both the banks and their clients can rest assured that there is no link between their accounts and SIX Telekurs. Log-in data and trading activities remain completely hidden from SIX Telekurs, the data provider, and are neither saved on nor available to any systems other than the end-user's PC. Access to trading activities is fully controlled by the bank - or, more specifically, the e-banking login. Thanks to the use of the latest web-service technology, attacks by internet hackers can also be ruled out."

RIS Trader was rolled out on to the market in February 2009. In Switzerland there are now three member banks: Incorebank AG, Bank Maerki Baumann & Co. AG and Tradejet AG. Other major banks have already expressed interest in implementing an interface.

RIS Trader was developed by Caft GmbH, a Swiss-based software house, in conjunction with SIX Telekurs. This service, along with subscriptions for stock exchange data, can be ordered online directly at

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