Fico unleashes Falcon Fraud Manager 6.0

Source: Fico

FICO, the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, today announced the general availability of Falcon Fraud Manager 6.0. This marks an important industry milestone, as it is the first payment card fraud management solution to incorporate adaptive analytics, an innovation that accelerates financial institutions' ability to spot new fraud patterns and prevent them from causing extensive damage. Early response to this innovation has been enthusiastic, with multiple projects already underway, including an installation at a major, U.S.-based credit card issuer.

"In this era of rapidly changing fraud patterns, entirely new fraud methods and flash fraud incidents, Falcon 6.0 enables our clients to deploy self-learning models that adjust immediately to minimise losses," said Doug Clare, vice president for product management at FICO. "Additionally, by combining adaptive analytics with our robust and proven consortium models, Falcon users benefit from an 'adaptive cascade' that provides the best of both worlds: immediate adaptability along with stability and dependability."

Besides incorporating adaptive analytics technology, FICO Falcon 6.0 expands FICO's patented fraud detection and profiling techniques by introducing global intelligent profiles to monitor high-risk ATMs, merchants, risky geographic regions and other relevant entities. Falcon 6.0 also includes new detection and case management capabilities relevant to retail banking lines of business such as demand deposit/current accounts. Extensive testing with client data has shown these innovations yield up to 44 percent improvement in detection model performance, translating to increased fraud detection with fewer false-positives.

"It's important to keep up with rapid changes in fraud attack methods that static models may not know about," said Avivah Litan, vice president and distinguished analyst, Security and Privacy, at Gartner. "Fraud detection systems must be flexible and agile enough to stay ahead of criminals by adopting and adapting to the newest methods and patterns."

FICO Falcon Fraud Manager 6.0 is the second element of the FICO Decision Management Suite, a set of applications sharing a common architecture that allows financial institutions to connect decisions across the customer lifecycle. Falcon 6.0 makes extensive use of this new services oriented architecture, including a common data model, case management and rules management components.

Falcon Fraud Manager 6.0 was introduced in limited availability in December 2008 with the release of thhe Scoring Server module. The new general availability release adds an improved rules management module, based on FICO's industry-leading Blaze Advisor. Additional modules for enterprise case management, models tailored for retail banking fraud detection and other functionality will be deployed later this year.

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