Marfin Laiki Bank joins Logicscope TradeSTP community

Source: Logicscope

Logicscope Limited, the leading provider of post-trade aggregation, integration and STP for trading venues and their customers is pleased to announce that Marfin Laiki Bank in Cyprus (Marfin) has joined the fast-growing TradeSTP community.

Through TradeSTP, Marfin receives FX trade notifications, in real-time, from 8 trading venues (single and multi-bank providers). Trade messages are aggregated and transformed (normalised) by TradeSTP before being delivered, in real-time, into Marfin's target middle office application.

Logicscope delivers innovative, multi-venue, multi-asset post-trade aggregation, transformation and routing solutions to financial institutions. A market-leader in post-trade workflow enhancement and processing efficiency, Logicscope's fully-hosted, post-trade processing service - TradeSTPConnect - links the world's leading liquidity providers (banks, brokers, trading platforms and exchanges) with their end user customers, globally, for seamless post-trade STP.

Chris Orphanou, Head of Trading, Marfin Laiki in Cyprus, said: "Like most financial institutions we maintain trading relationships with multiple liquidity providers. While the front end (execution) of the trade lifecycle is relatively efficient, the effective management of post-trade workflows for multiple streams of data is more of a challenge; a challenge that is compounded by increasingly rigorous regulatory reporting and 'best execution' obligations.

By aggregating and transforming trade notifications - and routing them directly into our internal risk management system - Logicscope's TradeSTP solution supports more effective trading in respect of real-time position-keeping and credit management - we know more quickly, and with more certainty, what we've 'done' with TradeSTP trading venues. It also removes time-consuming and expensive manual processes from the post-trade workflow, enhancing trading efficiency and ultimately reducing the overall cost of trading".

Nick Dyne, Business Development Director, Logicscope says: "Post-trade workflow efficiency and STP is an imperative for financial institutions and corporates, particularly in respect of multi-asset, multi-venue position-kkeeping (trading capacity and efficiency), risk management (credit, 'best execution' and transparency) and seamless post-trade STP (to settlement). Our established and fast-growing client base is evidence of the popularity and success of our TradeSTP solutions and we are delighted to welcome Marfin to the TradeSTP community".

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