SunGard extends ASP connectivity services in Japan

Source: SunGard

SunGard has extended its ASP connectivity services in Japan by adding new connections to three Japanese exchanges: Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE), Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) and Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE), including the new Tdex+ options trading platform.

SunGard has provided ASP managed access to the Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) since 2008.

SunGard's extended services will allow exchange members in Japan to outsource the complex activities involved in procuring and managing the hardware, software and telecommunication links required for market access. Users will benefit from 24/7, cost-effective access to all local markets.

Japanese exchanges offer, or plan to offer in the near future, membership to financial institutions outside Japan. SunGard's global order routing network, GL Net, provides direct links to all of SunGard's ASP gateways worldwide. International financial institutions that use GL Net will therefore be able to trade on Japanese exchanges from locations worldwide.

Franck Peltier, managing director of SunGard's global trading business in Asia, said: "SunGard already has a major presence in Japan, delivering enterprise software solutions for trading and market access that are managed by customers in-house. In addition, SunGard has strong relationships with TFX, OSE, TOCOM and TSE - that will be further strengthened with these connectivity services. We built the Japanese ASP gateways using our experience in delivering and supporting trading infrastructure and market gateways for brokerage houses throughout the world. SunGard now provides ASP connectivity services to more than 70 equities and derivatives exchanges worldwide."

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