GB Group partners Schufa to offer UK firms identity verification for German citizens

Source: GB Group

GB Group, the leading provider of identity management solutions, and Schufa, Germany's largest credit reference agency, have today announced a strategic partnership to offer GB clients an unrivalled identity verification capability for the German market.

The SCHUFA service which has been embedded into GB's international e-IDV service, ID3 Check, offers access to 65 million German citizens and will offer organisations a much more robust means of verifying German nationals' identity than has been hitherto possible. This new level of ID verification will be of particular relevance to businesses that wish to trade online or that wish to offer age-restricted products to German citizens.

The anonymity of the Web demands a very specific approach to identity verification. Deciding if the potential customer is genuine or is over the required age limit is often difficult and fraud can be easily perpetrated simply by providing a false name or address. This new partnership between SCHUFA and GB Group means that the market's leading identity verification technology can now be applied within Germany, offering UK businesses the opportunity to take on new German customers secure in the knowledge that their anti-fraud and social responsibility measures are as robust as those in place for UK customers.

For SCHUFA the partnership with GB Group marks an important step towards becoming a truly international concern.

"For SCHUFA it is vitally important that we extend our reach beyond our own borders and develop a strong platform of international activity. We have chosen to work with GB Group as we recognised them as the clear leaders in the field of identity management," said Professor Dieter Steinbauer, CEO of SCHUFA and Managing Director of Creditinfo SCHUFA Ltd.. "Working together we will be able to offer truly innovative products that offer independent and global coverage, creating the environment of trust that all organisations need if they are to conduct business easily - and responsibly."

"Successful organisations know the value of identity - who you are, what you need and what you like," commented GB Group's CEO Richard Law. "Working with SCHUFA we are now able to offer the highest possiblbble standard of identity verification for every organisation that wishes to engage with German customers. Knowing that your customer is who he claims to be is just the start - but it is the vital component of any responsible business model in the 21st century. In these difficult times, businesses need to know there are as few barriers to doing business as possible. With full "KYC" level identity verification now available in ID3 Check, doing business with German customers just got easier!"

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