Lithuanian banks select First Data for ATM network management

Source: First Data

Three banks in Lithuania have now selected First Data, a global leader in electronic commerce and payment processing services, to manage and maintain their joint ATM network.

In a few months, ATMs of Ukio Bankaswill will join the network of Nordea Bank Lietuva and Danske Bankas, which was implemented by First Data in 2006. This new agreement will enable all three banks to reduce their ATM management costs and provide greater convenience to their customers, who will be able to withdraw cash at ATM locations in towns and cities across Lithuania.

"This is the first agreement of its kind in the Baltic States and one of the best examples of how the implementation of a joint technology solution can help banks reduce overheads in the current economic climate and deliver additional value to their customers," said Zanda Brivule, general manager of First Data in Lithuania. "Connecting and leveraging networks in this way typically allows banks to save substantially on their ATM maintenance costs."

The joint network also presents advantages to the customers of the three banks, as they will gain access to a broader network of ATM locations, and they will be able to use the same network of ATMs to access card services and withdraw money.

Edita Karpaviciene, chairman of the Board of Ukio Bankas, said: "We are always looking to develop our ATM network so that it is more convenient to use. To meet our customers' needs, we accepted Nordea Bank Lietuva's and Danske Bankas' proposal to become partners and develop a common ATM network. We are sure that this cooperation and implementation of modern technology will help to satisfy their emerging needs."

Currently, the joint network of Nordea Bank Lietuva and Danske Bankas is comprised of more than 100 ATMs. The network will grow to almost 150 ATMs in the coming months with the addition of Ukio Bankas' ATMs. All ATMs will be branded with red and blue stripes and carry the logos of all three banks. There are plans to expand the network to include approximately 200 ATMs by the end of 2010.

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