Rigel Capital live with FundWorks client communications and reporting platform

Source: FundWorks

FundWorks Global Limited ('FundWorks') today announces that, following a successful implementation, Rigel Capital LLC ('Rigel'), an institutional growth asset manager based in Seattle WA has gone live with FundReports6, FundWorks' Enterprise Client Communications and Reporting platform, for their institutional reporting requirements.

Aside from the available functionality provided by FundReports, Rigel's decision to select FundWorks was made on the availability of experienced staff who could assist Rigel transfer their monthly and quarterly institutional reporting from a manual process to an automated one; from data collection through to web portal delivery.

Chip Healey, Managing Director of FundWorks North America LLC said, "In conjunction with our implementation partner, Column A, FundWorks helped Rigel translate their customers' needs into a standard set of reporting packs. The implementation included the redesign of the packs and a workflow process that aligned itself to Rigel's business requirement for reducing the amount of data manipulation required pre report production and the availability of a secure web portal for customers to access their current and historical reports".

Lynn Rowley, Director of Administration and Operations at Rigel commented, "The transformation in our reporting process since going live have been significant benefiting both our reporting team and our customers. We are now able to capture data from source systems, validate data, generate the reports, apply post production checks and authorisations and distribute 1,500 statements to our secure web portal, again provided by FundWorks, within 24 hours".

Simon Rose, Managing Director at FundWorks Global Limited added, "The benefits now being enjoyed by Rigel and their customers validates FundWorks approach to solving client communications through the provision of comprehensive data management and workflow tools. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Rigel as we roll out further report types in 2009.


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