Aim-To selects FFastFill margin engine

Source: FFastFill

FFastFill, the international supplier of multi-asset technology services announces the signing of a contract for MarginClick with Aim-To, a New York based financial services outsourcing firm.

AIM-TO provides products and services to the hedge fund and alternative investment management community and was looking for a margin engine to integrate into their risk management suite of products. Stephen Casner CEO at AIM-TO comments, 'Having decided to buy and not build a margin engine we undertook a review of the market place and decided on MarginClick. In addition to the extensive coverage of global risk based derivatives algorithms we have found the integration into our own technologies to be seamless'.

'We are looking forward to working with AIM-TO in the future to co-operate and collaborate to deliver more services into the hedge fund community as it seeks to find new technologies to improve operational efficiency and enhanced risk management.' added Patrick Thornton-Smith, MD of Post Trade Processing at FFastFill.

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