Wincor Nixdorf adds A2iA CheckReader software to Check/Cash Deposit Module

Source: Wincor Nixdorf

Wincor Nixdorf, one of the global leaders in open ATM hardware and multi-vendor software solutions that improve branch efficiencies, today announced that the company has selected A2iA CheckReader software for use in its Check/Cash Deposit Module (CCDM).

The integration of the A2iA CheckReader automatically reads amounts from checks and reduces fraudulent activity at financial institutions while providing a better customer experience at Wincor Nixdorf’s check-acceptance ATMs.

The Wincor Nixdorf CCDM, available as an add-in module for new or existing ProCash 2100xe, ProCash 2150xe, ProCash 3100 ATMs and compactBANKs, allows up to 50 checks or 50 bank notes to be scanned and deposited through a single opening – no need for different slots for cash or checks, and no need for an envelope. A2iA CheckReader automatically locates and reads all of the information on a check including payee name, payer name and address block, date, courtesy and legal amounts, and performs validity and usability tests on the check image – in less than one second per check.

With A2iA CheckReader, the Wincor Nixdorf CCDM can provide, in real-time, information necessary to verify a customer’s availability of funds, float and check acceptability, perform counterfeit check detection using check stock analysis, check endorsement presence verification, and courtesy and legal amount mismatch detection. The A2iA CheckReader gives customers the chance to correct any mistakes made during the transaction, while the bank can identify invalid checks or possible fraudulent activities. Together, the Wincor Nixdorf CCDM and A2iA CheckReader provide financial institutions with a timely solution for preventing check fraud. The solution also enables faster transaction times due to bundled check deposits, as well as improved customer service for both merchants and consumers during peak banking hours.

"With the A2iA/Wincor Nixdorf solution, financial institutions can provide a better customer experience for their customers by allowing ATMs to read and interact with customers more and more like human tellers," said Courtney Rand, sales and marketing director for North America, A2iA Corp. "A2iA CheckReader has been used in thousands of point-of-presentment and ATM check-cashing systems. This technology has been proven to deter fraud while reducing customer waiting time. We are thrilled to see that more financial institutions are now moving to further automate routine teller functions and bring a new level of convenience to consumers."

"We chose A2iA CheckReader because it provides more information about checks, faster – and more information will give financial institutions the ability to make better check-processing decisions," said Jeff Kalinoski, vice president, Wincor Nixdorf Banking USA. "Wincor Nixdorf and A2iA both have proven, advanced technologies that financial institutions can take advantage of today. A2iA is the worldwide leader in character recognition software and we are pleased to be partnering with such a first-rate company."

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