GoIP Global reports bank pilot for branch customer feedback technology

Source: GoIP Global

GoIP Global (Other OTC:GOIG.PK) announced that several major banking institutions are evaluating our new state-of-the-art Wireless Survey Device, Xit Poll.

In Manhattan, a major financial institution's new corporate headquarters on 42nd Street will feature 4 Xit Poll devices in their new Bank Branch, giving Bank managers the ability to receive immediate feedback from customers on a number of new features this branch will offer.

Ike Sutton, CEO of GoIP Global, commented, "Xit Poll in Bank Branches enables Bank Managers to remotely monitor consumer insights and react accordingly. In today's financial market, where Banks need to hear from their customers, this amazing inexpensive tool enables all Bank Managers to have that information at their fingertips. We are looking forward to our Banking partner's evaluation with the goal of rolling out Xit Poll in all banking branches in the USA."

Xit Poll utilizes cellular technology to allow banks' management to connect wirelessly with Xit Poll terminals positioned in their branches nationwide. Through a user-friendly web-based data management system, banks have the ability to upload customizable survey questions and receive/analyze customer insights in real-time. In today's market, the ability to capture customer data and react instantly is critical to corporate decision-makers to help ensure that resources are invested appropriately.

Xit Poll is extremely easy to use and set-up, making it a breeze to deploy to branch locations throughout the country. GoIP is offering the Xit Poll terminal free of charge in combination with an affordable two-year service contract. Customizable designs combined with store incentive programs help encourage even the busiest customers to register their responses.


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