mCom introduces multi-channel retail banking platform

Source: mCom Financial Solutions

mCom Financial Solutions, a leading e-Banking solutions provider, introduces the new Darwin Platform that delivers the first retail banking multi-channel solution that now includes interactive self-service coin counting. The Darwin Platform gives banks the opportunity to better leverage the sales and customer experience capabilities of their existing technology investments - key points of competition, especially for small and medium-sized banks and credit unions struggling to keep up with the leading mega-banks.

During the BAI Retail Delivery trade show in Las Vegas, mCom Financial Solutions demonstrates how two ATMs of different manufacturers, a coin counter, a kiosk and a web site can be simultaneously remote-controlled (including ad publishing, personalization, performance monitoring, etc.) from one common set of browser-based consoles. "Banks already own the individual touch point technology and pay for the connectivity, but few can afford to use those investments to really reach their customers. Darwin first links existing channels, like ATMs and self-service coin, and then turns them into lines of direct communication between the bank and its customers," explained Thomas Maiorino, chief executive officer. "Darwin does all this for a fraction of the cost of the typically expensive enterprise solutions that have only allowed the largest of banks to offer these services to their customers. Darwin just leveled the playing field."

By offering personalized transactions that are consistent across every channel, Darwin gets customers what they want faster via familiar interfaces. Even customers and their children can get into the act at the coin-counting station. "Darwin also introduces the next generation of self-service coin, complete with an interactive experience targeted at families," said Dan Stechow, chief marketing officer and COO. "Just think: a fun self-service experience that brings parents and children together. This is a sure-fire way of increasing customer satisfaction and branch visits."

"The ATM experience at most ATM machines is very boring. At NOVA Savings Bank, we were determined to change this blah, green-screen experience into something that our customers and ATM users would enjoy," said Brian M. Hartline, president and chief executive officer. "With the help of mCom Financial Solutions, we have taken customization to new levels not only on our ATMs, but our coin counters and website. Bank products are commodities, so we think that technology represents a phenomenal opportunity to differentiate ourselves, create a unique brand, and keep our customers loyal," he said.

Darwin allows marketing departments to remotely deliver their messages and offers to the actual transaction screens in real-time. "It's as easy as Drag- Drop-Publish," Stechow said. "The platform also provides the ability to watch how customers respond to these offers. Imagine how direct customer feedback can help you hone your products and services. It's like having your own market survey team at your fingertips."

"We have made our machines colorful on the inside and outside," said Hartline. "We partnered with Villanova University to distribute basketball tickets on their campus via ATMs. Students now have 24-hour access to tickets," Hartline explained. "Our strategy of creating a different and memorable ATM experience also extends to our downtown Philadelphia machines. We have dual-screen displays that enable us to offer our ATM users coupons to local merchants. We currently feature business clients on the upper screen and they love the free advertising. We also use the bottom of the screen for marketing messages. We are careful not to add an extra second to the 'please wait' times, but we do get the most out of it, particularly with our customized money market account offers to ATM users from other banks."

The IT departments also benefit from the Darwin Platform by allowing them to remotely download transactional data, monitor performance and distribute software, among other features. This improves efficiency, stability and up- time while reducing channel management costs.

mCom Financial Solutions' products are focused on delivering personalization, remote publishing and administration capabilities to the evolving ATM/coin self-service channels and other powerful e-Banking touch points such as kiosks and the Bank's website. With customers conducting over two-thirds of their transactions through these channels, there are few better ways to improve a bank's business.

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