Northern Trust strengthens Fundamentals Dashboard

Source: Northern Trust

Northern Trust announced today it has further strengthened its analytical suite of capabilities with enhanced graphics of performance and risk related information on the Fundamentals Dashboard.

"Our clients are busier than ever absorbing increased levels of information every day. To be able to decipher the volume of available data and determine what is important is complex and at times overwhelming," said Paul d'Ouville, global head of asset servicing product management at Northern Trust. "The value of timely information that highlights important elements, as defined by our clients, has increased with the greater level of market volatility. The Fundamentals Dashboard allows our clients to easily understand large volumes of information and identify outliers via the use of enhanced graphics on a single client portal that is available globally."

The Fundamentals Dashboard is available to asset managers and institutional investors, such as pension funds, endowments, foundations and corporations. This development incorporates charting and highly customized features. Clients are then able to further analyze specific information on demand via the full breadth of analytical tools available. Future phases will include summary level predictive risk and attribution results. The Fundamentals Dashboard is delivered via Passport®, Northern Trust's online data platform.

"As plan sponsors and investment managers focus more than ever on risk management, they need rapid access to relevant data to support their investment oversight and decision making processes," said Jim Trotter, global head of Investment Risk & Analytical Services at Northern Trust. "We have been delivering daily performance and analytics online since 1997. Our role as a primary supplier of information is to make this process easier and faster, so clients can focus on what is important rather than wade through an ocean of information looking for the hidden treasure."

As a part of its client focus philosophy, Northern Trust has provided risk and performance services for over three decades. Northern Trust's Investment Risk & Analytical Services capabilities include risk monitoring and measurement, performance measurement and analysis, comprehensive private equity analytics and other specialty services, with continuing investment in research and client-focused product development.

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