Trading Technologies extends X-Trader Pro system

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Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) today announced it has expanded the functionality of its X_TRADER® Pro order entry software with the addition of 28 add-on components created by TT’s Professional Services (PS) group.

The TT PS product suite allows many types of users—including traders, brokers and risk managers—to customize X_TRADER to their unique preferences. Several new TT PS products are scheduled for release in coming months. TT plans to add more new applications to the development pipeline in 2005.

"Although each application was developed in response to a specific customer request, this product suite has widespread appeal to all of our customers," said Tim Geannopulos, TT’s EVP of Global Sales. "These products have been extremely well received by our customer base of high-end professional traders. Therefore we are making them available to all of our X_TRADER Pro users at no extra charge."

Since TT PS products are developed using the X_TRADER Application Programming Interface (XTAPI), they can be rapidly created and integrated with a customer’s existing X_TRADER system. TT PS applications operate independently from one another, which makes it possible for a trader to easily add new features and functionality as needs evolve.

Some of the most frequently requested TT PS tools include:
  • Navigator™ – A smart order routing system built on TT’s patented MD Trader™ technology that allows trading of two inter-market or intra-market contracts from one order entry pane.
  • TOES™ (The Order Entry System) – Automatically breaks down large orders into Timed Orders or Iceberg Orders.
  • OCO Trader – Automatically places a One-Cancels-Other (OCO) order into the market after a fill is received for a specified contract that it is tracking.
  • Fill Recapper – Displays all fills for a trader and allows users to aggregate fill statistics, including net position and average price, in multiple formats.
  • Trade Analyzer™ – Gives a trader the ability to analyze the current day’s trades from a comprehensive statistics report.
  • AutoLaunch™ – Automatically logs in traders to multiple exchange gateways simultaneously.

Some of the products in the TT PS suite may be used with both X_TRADER and X_TRADER Pro. However, the majority, including the products previously referenced, are for use only with R Pro.

X_TRADE The TT PS group was formed in 2002 to develop add-on components that enhance the features and capabilities of X_TRADER Pro. TT PS combines deep product and industry knowledge with low consulting rates to rapidly provide customers with made-to-order solutions on an extremely cost-effective basis.

Individual X_TRADER Pro customers who require functionality that is not already supported by X_TRADER can contract with TT PS to develop applications that are customized to their specific requirements.

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