Mobile Money Ventures partners DeviceAnywhere on testing

Source: Mobile Money Ventures

Mobile Money Ventures (MMV) a leading global solutions provider of the next generation of mobile financial services, has chosen DeviceAnywhere, a global leader in end-to-end mobile application development solutions, to provide real-time remote testing and development services.

MMV's device and network independent mobile financial services solution provides a comprehensive platform that encompasses all key mobile financial services value propositions. The company has turned to DeviceAnywhere to provide services designed to significantly reduce the time and resources required to develop, test and deploy its mobile financial services applications.

"By partnering with DeviceAnywhere, Mobile Money Ventures has been able to consistently launch mobile financial services in global markets such as Hong Kong, with the fastest time to market and the highest standards in customer experience and interface design," said Jayastu Bhattacharya, senior vice president of strategic development and co-founder of MMV.

With DeviceAnywhere's unique Direct-to-Device technology, MMV's developers have instant remote access to the largest number of real devices in the mobile industry - more than 2,000 - located in data centers around the world and also available via the Internet. Using real handsets, MMV developers are able to remotely control, operate, and test applications on live devices before the product reaches consumer markets.

"In the mobile industry, product development is often hampered by the lack of standardization across devices and networks. With a growing number of consumers turning to their mobile devices for reliable mobile banking services worldwide, it's more important than ever to provide a seamless solution for developers," said Faraz Syed, CEO and Co-Founder, Device Anywhere. "We're proud to work with MMV to streamline the testing process and ensure quality development and support for its applications."

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