Diebold demos Sygate security software for ATMs

Source: Diebold

Diebold, Incorporated will demonstrate security software from Sygate Technologies that protects its customers' automated teller machines (ATMs) by continuously defending against misuse and malicious intent of new network-based viruses, worms and fraud.

Sygate's firewall security agent works without updates or patches before, during and after the vulnerability is recognized. Diebold will demonstrate how it protects the integrity of its ATMs with a comprehensive, layered approach to software security at BAI's Retail Delivery Conference and Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center, November 16-19.

Diebold's security components include the following: an ATM operating system and application hardening, network and host-based firewalls, centralized digital security monitoring, management, logging and alerting, and ATM security scanning, along with the Sygate Security Agent and management server.

"Diebold ATMs have protection from compromise by network-based viruses and worms once our security agent is installed and configured," said David Bucci, senior vice president of customer solutions at Diebold. "Our global ATM security task force is committed to deploying security solutions that eliminate or minimize customer losses from viruses or fraud."

As ATMs migrate to Windows® and TCP/IP networks, Sygate and Diebold are working together to ensure Diebold ATMs are equipped with the highest degree of protection against external attacks and damaging software. Diebold includes Sygate Security Agent software, which is based on the award-winning Sygate Secure Enterprise solution, with all its new Opteva® ATMs, and offers to install Sygate agents on existing Windows-based ATMs.

"We are proud of our long and successful history of partnering with Diebold to protect ATM systems," said Bill Scull, senior vice president of marketing at Sygate. "Embedding Sygate in Diebold ATMs demonstrates the growing awareness of endpoint security as it applies to consumer vulnerability. Together, Diebold and Sygate offer customers the utmost confidence that their ATM transactions are secure."

Sygate's agent functions in a closed, secure mode and is programmed to allow only authenticated and trusted applications to communicate to and from the ATM. Further, it continuously defends against new network-based viruses and worms without needing to be updated.

Sygate leads the enterprise endpoint security market through its ability to ensure any Sygate-protected network end-point - such as an ATM - remains secure. This relationship highlights the strengths and expertise of each company's ability to work with a customer base of large, global organizations with multi-faceted and complex security requirements.

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