ICBC joins Smartpay mobile payments network

Source: SmartPay

Smartpay Jieyin Ltd. (Smartpay) today announced that Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Chongqing branch has joined the SmartPay network.

With this event, ICBC customers can use Smartpay to pay their mobile phone bills, top up pre-paid mobile accounts, purchase online gaming time and other merchant offerings simply by sending an SMS message. In addition, mobile subscribers will be able to access a wide variety of payment and information services.

Smartpay's vice president for banking business development, William Shen, commented, "ICBCs participation with SmartPay in offering payment services in Chongqing will bring greater convenience to customers of our merchant partners, such as Chongqing Unicom. This makes for a true win-win-win partnership, whereby ICBCs customers, our partner merchants and users of the SmartPay system all benefit."

SmartPay's reach continues to grow. In the coming quarters, the company expects services to commence in Jiangsu, Beijing, Liaoning and multiple additional provinces.

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