1st Discount Brokerage chooses Scivantage for automated cost basis reporting

Source: Scivantage

Scivantage, a leading provider of Web-based, front- and middle-office technology solutions to the financial services industry announced today that 1st Discount Brokerage (1DB), a national independent brokerage firm, has selected Scivantage Maxit, to provide automated cost basis reporting and tax management tools to their network of Independent Financial Consultants and retail traders.

1DB recognizes that providing access to accurate, relevant tax information is essential in today's volatile environment. The company will leverage Maxit to provide on-demand access to critical tax management and portfolio reporting tools, enabling its Financial Consultants and retail traders to make better trading decisions and to simplify year-end tax filing. Maxit will be available to all of 1DB's Independent Financial Consultants as a premium service, as well as integrated into their online brokerage platform to help both equities and options traders minimize tax liabilities and increase after-tax performance. The combination of fast and powerful analytics with accurate cost basis data will allow their Financial Consultants and retail clients to optimize their investment strategies in real-time.

"Tracking cost basis has always posed challenges for both financial advisors and individual investors," said William "Chip" Corley, founder and CEO of 1st Discount Brokerage. "Leveraging the Maxit technology allows us to serve our Financial Consultants and retail clients more effectively by providing access to accurate, adjusted cost basis information and enabling them to proactively manage their investments from a tax perspective."

"In today's highly competitive market, leaders like 1DB leverage the most advanced solutions to help their financial advisors and individual investors simplify complex investment decisions," said Cameron Routh, senior vice president of strategic products, Scivantage. "We are very excited to continue our partnership with 1DB and look forward to helping them build an even stronger strategic advantage."

Maxit is the most comprehensive, automated cost basis and portfolio tax reporting system available, delivering a full range of tools that help financial advisors and individual investors track capital gains, generate Schedule D for tax filing and proactively manage investment tax decisions. This enterprise solution seamlessly integrates with all major and proprietary back office and clearing systems and delivers a full suite of tax-based investment decision support tools, including:

Portfolio Tracking & Optimization

  • Full support for 1DB's investment product offerings, including stocks, mutual funds, index and stock options, ETFs, and bonds
  • Automatic wash sale identification and adjustment
  • Proper lot relief methods including FIFO, LIFO, Specific ID, MaxTax and Average Cost and MinTax, a tax efficient method available only with Maxit

Corporate Actions

  • Automatic support for corporate actions across a client's account while maintaining cost basis integrity
  • A few of the corporate events supported include: Split/Reverse Split; Rights/Warrants; Stock Dividend; Merger with or without cash; Spin off; Dividend/Dividend reinvested; Redemptions/call; Cash-in-lieu
  • Accounts for cost basis changes due to voluntary corporate actions, LEAP conversions and corporate actions on options

Tax Management & Reporting

  • Tax lot matching and short-term/long-term characterization
  • Real-time, actionable trade analysis of short- and long-term gain/loss opportunities
  • Customized tax reports for realized and unrealized gains/losses, IRS Schedule D and Form 6781
  • Configurable Advisor Dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of portfolio activity across an entire book of business

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