IT Software launches multi-broker ASP platform

Source: IT Software

IT Software, a company specialized in the development of financial trading services and applications launches Easy Link, the new Multi Asset and Multi Purpose ASP Platform that easily connects Brokers and their Clients and has zero footprint impact on Clients solutions for Order Management.

IT SOFTWARE SPA, a company with a large experience in e-finance and in the development of applications and services for capital market and trading online, with its Easy Trade platform is able to manage all kind of front and middle office problems of even very demanding financial institutions.

Easy Link is based on Easy Trade technology and is hosted at BIt Systems ASP data centres of Milan and London in order to provide easy access to the financial community members.

"Domestic and International Companies, including Brokers, ISVs, Service Providers, MTFs, SIs and Exchanges are connected to our Data Centres", said Claudio Modenesi, Head of ASP Services for BIt Systems, London Stock Exchange Group, "We have been collaborating with IT Software for several years, and we are very pleased that IT Software decided to include Easy Link among the services offered to our ASP Community".

Easy Link facilitates Buy and Sell sides to cope with the complexity of the order execution's value chain through a unique open platform to access all the markets and trading.

Easy Link represents a one-stop-shop for All Listed Instrument Financial Markets connectivity needs with the benefit of an over the edge technology.

Link means that nothing has to be installed at client side but a connection to the data centre.

Easy means:

  • already interfaced with the main International and domestic Order Management Systems and including an API for custom solutions,
  • a Multi Purpose Platform with a rich set of Execution options: Routing, API and Fix Connectivity (Fix to Fix, Fix to Screen, Screen to Fix) Excel Link, Order View screens, Professional Trading screens,
  • a Multi Instrument solution as all listed securities and derivatives can be managed on Easy Link,
  • open to connectivity towards OTC Trading Platform and Broker Private Circuits or other Public and Private Networks.

From the beginning tests were run involving all type of players in the Buy and Sell side and each kind of order, Algo Trading as well.

"In Easy Link we exploited our long experience in trading solutions and our consolidated technology", said Mirko Marcadella, Managing Director of IT SOFTWARE "and focused in making connectivity between Buy Side and Sell Side easy and really cost effective".

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