Online auction site for notes launched


Throwing out the traditional business-to-business model of buying and selling Notes,, the first-ever website for auctioning Notes online, is exposing this widely undiscovered investment opportunity to a broader scope of investors.

By offering open access to qualified investors to purchase individual Notes, the creators of, the LFC Group of Companies, have perpetually transformed the marketplace of Notes.

"For years institutional firms and savvy investors have bought and sold Notes for profit and to maintain cash liquidity," states LFC Senior Vice President Paul Lyons. "We're breaking away from the traditional paradigm with this powerful tool allowing individual qualified investors and small investment consortiums to diversify their portfolios by investing in Notes via a fair and transparent retail process."

The formidable combination of LFC's decades of widely successful commercial and residential online real estate auction businesses, and, and the over 30 years of collective mortgage industry experience resulting in more than $50 billion of loan sales are all reflected in the design. LFC's development team behind diligently addressed security and privacy issues, instituting top tier policies and procedures, while creating an easy-to-use site for buyers and sellers to transact their business.

" fills a void in the market for notes," said John Kohler, managing director at 12th Street Capital. "The business model is unique in the way it delivers price discovery to the individual investor, which is key to getting their participation. And I think institutional sellers will see as an efficient way to reach that broader retail audience and improve liquidity in their product."

The transparent nature of promises to revolutionize the current model with open and fair competition for buying Notes. And with institutions facing immediate liquidity issues in the current market environment, the ability to sell Notes fast and at the highest possible price, means is the much-needed solution now, and will forever change the way Notes are bought and sold in the future.

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