Metavante EPM: Capture launched

Source: Metavante

Metavante (NYSE:MV), a leading provider of banking and payments technology, today announced the availability of Enterprise Payments Manager: Capture (EPM: Capture), a Metavante Corporation solution designed to help financial institutions continue to deploy IBM 3890/XP transport technologies at low cost, mitigating rising per item cost and click charges as well as the steady decline in paper check volume.

Metavante EPM: Capture allows financial institutions to disconnect all high-speed transports, including IBM 3890s, from legacy host systems running Check Processing Control System (CPCS), SuperMICR, or any other paper-based check processing application. This key capability can reduce or eliminate costly Image Capture System click charges while maintaining high-speed image capture at full transport rated speeds. Additionally, this capability positions financial institutions to implement high-speed non-encoded proof-of-deposit.

"Today, many financial institutions are facing the increasingly expensive challenge of managing multiple remote check processing sites," said Paul Danola, president, Metavante Image Solutions. "The expansion that resulted from years of decentralization has dramatically increased IT spending for these financial institutions. Metavante EPM: Capture's hub and spoke architecture allows these institutions to consolidate remote sites under a single capture platform, providing significant operational savings."

The Metavante solution helps protect the investment that financial institutions have in an IBM 3890 processing environment, providing an attractive alternative to those seeking the functionality of CPCS, SuperMICR or other paper-based systems at a lower per-item cost.
Metavante's image solutions provide comprehensive solutions that help banks and businesses transition from paper to electronic payments and image processing. Solutions that can be delivered in-house or outsourced include image exchange, distributed capture, check and remittance processing, fraud detection, and document and report management. Customers encompass banks and corporations of all sizes worldwide, from de novo banks to the largest financial institutions and corporations.

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