SL Hare Capital to provide SunGard STN to customers

Source: SunGard

SL Hare Capital, a Los Angeles-based investment banking firm and certified Disabled Veteran and Minority-Owned Business Enterprise, will provide the SunGard Transaction Network's (STN) Money Market portal to its customers, which include public utilities, corporations, government, and colleges and universities.

Corporate treasurers use the Web-based STN Money Markets portal to invest their short-term liquidity assets. Using STN, SL Hare Capital customers will be able to directly purchase and sell money market funds and execute commercial paper and certificates of deposit transactions through a single electronic connection. By offering access to a wider group of investment options and simplifying daily processing requirements, the STN Money Markets portal will help SL Hare Capital customers meet internal investment guidelines, manage regulatory compliance, maximize investment returns, and facilitate straight-through processing.

Taub T. Swartz, managing director at SL Hare Capital, Inc., said, "SunGard's STN will help our customers manage the raising, use and deployment of capital in their daily treasury operations, as well as help SL Hare Capital to further diversify its business with this added functionality. In addition, SL Hare Capital customers that use STN for their money fund trading will be doing business with a disabled veteran and minority-owned firm, while gaining the advantages of SunGard's proven technology."

Kevin Rafferty, president of SunGard's wealth management business, said, "Organizations that have access to an efficient electronic method for managing their cash and liquidity will be able to more effectively meet the challenges of counterparty risk, liquidity and complex instruments. STN provides one centralized, automated source for buying and selling institutional money market funds, streamlines cash management with one-stop trading across multiple money fund providers, and helps reduce technology expenditures while expanding revenue opportunities."

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