Calyx updates Point software

Source: Calyx Software

Calyx Software, a provider of loan marketing, originating, processing and banking software, announced at the MBA Tech Conference the release of Point and Point Central versions 7.0.

Point version 7.0 provides a number of new capabilities to improve workflow and increase loan productivity - including central document image storage capabilities for e-loan purposes as well as enhancements to banking screens, title and escrow interfaces and the addition of a new FHA statutory worksheet.

Due to the increased use of e-loans and e-docs, Calyx has integrated a document image storage feature for organizing and storing all of the documents in each Point file. Point automatically encrypts, compresses and associates each document with the loan file, regardless of whether the document is single or one of a group, from within Point or one of its interfaces, or from outside of Point. Externally-generated documents can be scanned and imported, or dragged and dropped, into the Point file, while maintaining an audit trail for each document that shows who created it, what it contains, and the date and time it was created. With its enhanced security, Doc Storage formats email documents into PDF files using 128-bit encryption and individually set passwords for each document in the storage file.

Another significant change Point 7.0 offers enhancements to the banker screens. Users can use Point as a single system of record, from origination through product pricing, registration and rate lock, underwriting, and eventually to closing and sale on the secondary market. The banker screens in 7.0 support users' daily workflow more effectively and there is increased clarity in documentation tracking and reporting.

Additionally, title and escrow interfaces have been directly embedded into Point 7.0. Working within Point, users can now order all needed forms from a document provider. Calyx Point 7.0 also includes a worksheet enabling brokers and lenders to perform statutory required calculations and document them in the loan origination file, in order to comply with FHA requirements. The new worksheet saves hours of repetitive data entry, as information flows from screen to screen, while ensuring that the loan is in compliance throughout the Point file.

"We are excited for the new changes made in version 7.0, especially regarding the additional enhancements made to Point banker screens that satisfy a wider range of business requirements for bankers as well as brokers," said Dennis Boggs, senior vice president of Calyx Software. "The latest updates benefit users by providing pertinent information directly that is needed throughout the loan process, while also allowing them to remain in Point and further save valuable time."

PointCentral provides all the benefits and functionality of the Point program; but also allows remote users to access all loan documentation via a secured Internet connection and gives customers the ability to apply field-level rules and conditions for quality and compliance purposes. PointCentral's flexible technology is ideal for the broker, a bank, or credit union as well as the mortgage banker.

The solution also has a very affordable pricing structure to make it easy for customers to either purchase new or upgrade from their existing Point subscriptions. Users can choose to manage their PointCentral software on their own server or take advantage of one of our third party hosting providers for a low monthly service charge.

"Our goal is to ensure that Point and PointCentral consistently remain the products of choice in the mortgage industry," said Boggs. "The newest versions also ensure users are in compliance, allowing them to focus on effectively and efficiently closing loans."

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