Fair Isaac becomes Fico

Source: Fair Isaac

In the interests of clarity and consistency, Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE: FIC), the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, today announced that it has officially adopted the brand Fico as its corporate identity.

"The FICO brand means empowerment, innovation and value...qualities that we've earned over time, that mean a great deal to our clients and partners, and that distinguish us in the marketplace," said Laurent Pacalin, chief marketing officer at FICO. "We believe that now is the time for FICO."

The company will retain its legal name, Fair Isaac Corporation, and its NYSE ticker symbol, FIC. Effective immediately, however, the company logo, website and all other company materials will reflect its new identity: FICO.

"The use of the name FICO is a simplification of the company's identity, not a change in strategy," said Mark Greene, FICO CEO. "Our commitment remains strong as ever to our clients' businesses. We will continue to offer the full breadth of analytics and decision management products and services they need, and to operate in the geographic areas of the world that matter most to them."

"FICO has an air of solidity," commented Dana Wiklund, research director at Financial Insights. "It stands for predictive power and analytical consistency - ideas that for many years have resonated strongly with the financial services industry."


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