Citisoft launches cost efficiency consulting product

Source: Concept Capital

Citisoft Plc, the specialist investment management consulting firm, today announced that it has launched a new consulting product - 'Operational Cost Efficiency'.

This product has been developed by Citisoft through multiple global client projects and is designed to deliver specific advantages to investment management firms and third party administrators.

Demand for Citisoft's Operational Cost Efficiency consulting services has been on the increase as firms have sought domain specific expertise to advise them through current market challenges. The Operational Cost Efficiency product is designed to rapidly identify areas of the business appropriate for change and repositions Citisoft clients to ensure their business and technical operating models are integrated and optimally designed to deliver against current and projected future needs. Citisoft works with client organisations to identify opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce costs through a repeatable methodology of approach that can be tailored to each client's unique business requirements. The increase in demand for this type of consulting service is supported by recent McKinsey industry research that reports 74% of executive strategies are to focus on reducing operating costs and 45% on increasing productivity. Citisoft's Operational Cost Efficiency product is designed to deliver to both.

In the current economic climate, effective cost reduction is arguably the key driver for investment management firms and their administrators. Citisoft assists its clients by utilising the Operational Cost Efficiency product to achieve these goals through the most appropriate means for the firm, including funds rationalisation, process re-engineering, shared services, centre of excellence, offshore (BPO), systems rationalisation, systems integration, M&A and JV, all of which seek to deliver to the client firm the ability to 'do more with less'. Because each Citisoft client is unique the Operational Cost Efficiency product is deliberately designed to be flexible and can be tailored to the needs of each client firm. As the product is a proven approach, it allows Citisoft to fast track the process via a logical model that navigates the most appropriate course for change, in a way that takes into account existing dependencies and constraints but also introduces future options that fit the client firm's appetite for risk and its culture.

Citisoft recognises that a significant risk exists for clients if a short term view is followed for cost reduction initiatives. All decisions should be made from an informed position and considered against the market outlook for 2009 and beyond. Decision making must now remain aligned to the longer term strategic goals of the organisation. Citisoft has multiple experiences of working with its clients to provide support and evidence for making informed decisions, based on best practice. The goal of ensuring Citisoft's clients are well positioned and able to benefit when the market turns underpins the Operational Cost Efficiency product.

Citisoft has over 20 years consulting experience in delivering successful change and business transformation strategies to investment management firms and their service providers. Citisoft's subject matter expertise is further focused into specific business Practices, providing premium consultancy services to wealth managers, institutional asset managers and alternative investment organisations. In the delivery of this consulting product, Citisoft leverages its domain expertise, core capabilities and tools to execute a targeted review of the client's operational model and technical infrastructure. Costs for each are quantified and where appropriate benchmarked against the market to identify where the client has opportunities to improve efficiency and/or reduce cost. Using this information and Citisoft's experience of how other clients have managed similar challenges Citisoft prioritises and proposes to the client tactical and strategic opportunities for improvement. If accepted by the client, Citisoft further assists the client in delivering the required changes through either one if its other complimentary consulting products or the creation of a tailored roadmap appropriate to the client's needs.

Howard Mannion, CEO Citisoft EMEA commented; "Our clients don't want to be educated on theories, they want specific expertise based on real experience. Firms should approach us and challenge us to identify for them opportunities to achieve cost savings. The identification of operational change efficiencies and cost reductions is something that has pre-occupied most of us for many years. Given current market conditions, our clients are seeking to deliver tactical and strategic change without having the benefit of sufficient budgets to invest in change programs. Citisoft has developed a product that capitalises on its domain expertise and delivers strategies, solution design and implementation services in a way that is commercially attractive. With our detailed understanding of best practice within the institutional, wealth, and alternative investment sectors, we are uniquely placed to review clients' business, operating and technology models and assist them in identifying and implementing pragmatic measures which will contribute to the bottom line."

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