Corillian upgrades Voyager online banking platform

Source: Corillian

Corillian Corp. (NASDAQ: CORI), the top provider of online banking solutions to leading financial institutions, today announced the release of Corillian Voyager 3.2, the first and only standards-based, service-oriented architecture for online banking, with the proven performance and scalability required to power all major line-of-business applications on a single platform for leading financial institutions.

Corillian Voyager 3.2 incorporates enterprise-wide applications and services such as Corillian Enterprise Access Management, Corillian Alerts, Corillian Security Solutions and Corillian Payments, delivering capabilities which can be extended across all delivery channels including: online, branch, call center, IVR and ATM. The extension of these enterprise-wide services provides financial institutions with unprecedented efficiencies, enabling them to offer core services to their customers seamlessly across channels and multiple lines of business.

"One of the highest hurdles blocking financial institutions from achieving a successful enterprise strategy is the multitude of disparate systems and information sources that individually create and maintain the complex set of relationships with the customer," said Chuck Drake, vice president of marketing of Corillian. "Financial institutions striving to implement an integrated enterprise strategy should focus on the use of customer-centric technology within a service-oriented architecture to tie the separate delivery systems together and begin to leverage information and process across the distribution network. Corillian's strength, experience and flexible online banking architecture make sense for financial institutions looking for a pragmatic approach to achieving an integrated enterprise strategy."

The Corillian Voyager 3.2 platform provides leading financial institutions the following benefits:

Best-in-class online banking solutions for all major lines of business
Corillian Voyager 3.2 extends Corillian's leadership in online banking by delivering the architecture for Corillian's next generation, best-in-class online banking solutions: Consumer Banking, Small Business Banking, Corporate Banking, Credit Card and Wealth Management. Delivered all from a common platform, Corillian's online banking solutions provide financial institutions a seamless path for growing their customer relationships at a lower total cost.

Innovative new Enterprise Access Management system
Corillian Enterprise Access Management provides financial institutions and their customers robust organizational modeling, user management, business rules, approval workflow, audit logging and on-behalf-of capabilities, in a simple, yet extremely powerful, authorization system. Corillian Enterprise Access Management is accessible via Web services for financial institutions seeking a way to centrally manage user access across the enterprise.

Financial institutions and their customers require the utmost in security and control, without compromising usability. Corillian Enterprise Access Management accomplishes this by providing financial institutions with a consistent, centrally managed authorization system making it possible to systematically control and delegate policies that were once enforced manually or not at all. These same tools can be offered to financial institution customers for managing their businesses, and they can easily be tailored to different levels of customer sophistication and needs.

Service-oriented architecture supporting multi-channel interoperability
Corillian Voyager 3.2 provides a service-oriented architecture designed for reusability, flexibility and scalability. This allows financial institutions to leverage Corillian's enterprise applications and services (e.g., session management, access management, payments, alerts) across multiple channels. Corillian is committed to open industry standards, and is the only online banking vendor with proven Web services interoperability as an original member of the Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I), an open industry organization chartered to promote Web services interoperability across platforms, operating systems and programming languages. The flexible architecture of Corillian Voyager guarantees a low total cost of ownership and enables best-of-breed multi-channel technology strategies.

Unmatched Scalability, Performance and Reliability
Corillian Voyager 3.2 sets the standard for online banking technology as recent tests have scaled to 70,000 concurrent users across multiple lines of business, with an average transaction time of less than a half a second. Corillian surpassed its previous benchmark results by 133 percent while lowering cost for performance by 39 percent, providing even greater value to financial institutions and their customers. Other solutions, by comparison, have only illustrated half the scale at five times the cost.

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