Virgin Money targets crunched Americans

Source: Virgin Money

Virgin Money announced today that they will join the campaign to raise awareness about available and alternative sources of credit for consumers and businesses.

The campaign provides a platform where credit-worthy consumers can find lending alternatives with the help of two leading social lending networks, Virgin Money and Lending Club, and other consumer-friendly personal finance companies.

"Viable loan options are out there for Americans," said Asheesh Advani CEO of Virgin Money. "UNCRUNCH AMERICA is all about connecting consumers and businesses to available funding resources, during a time when traditional avenues are limited."

Virgin Money is a pioneer in social lending - personal loans between people that know each other - and has originated close to $400M in social loan volume. The role of Virgin Money is to formalize service and automate the loan process. A social loan made between friends or family members can benefit both parties, as the terms are mutually agreed upon. Therefore, the borrower can borrow at a rate lower than a traditional bank loan, and the lender can earn interest higher than a similar term fixed income instrument.

Those looking for help with a mortgage have several options through Virgin Money. Similar to the company's social loan products, a social mortgage is made between people that know each other, and often times provides greater flexibility and lower rates than a traditional mortgage. In addition to, or instead of, a social loan, credit worthy borrowers can also apply for a traditional mortgage directly with Virgin Money. The Virgin Money mortgage offers fair rates and a timely closing, and can be started at

"The Uncrunch initiative is an entrepreneurial solution to a real problem. We're seeing individuals rise to the challenge to solve the financial crisis by helping each other. Along with Virgin Money, we're demonstrating that innovation and solidarity are two values that Americas rely on to bring new options in difficult times," said Renaud Laplanche, CEO of Lending Club, a founding member of

"With UNCRUNCH AMERICA(TM), we hope to encourage Americans that have sidelined their cash to invest in a friend or family member," said Advani. "Maybe they don't feel comfortable in the market, but they can inject cash in the economy by lending to a loved one."

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