Rimes unveils performance measurement and attribution platform

Source: Rimes Technologies

Rimes Technologies, the integrator of financial market data for the global investment community, announced today the launch of 'Barra Performance on Rimes', a platform which enables users to produce transaction-based performance measurement and attribution analysis on equity, fixed income and balanced portfolios.

MSCI Barra (NYSE: MXB) is a leading provider of investment decision support tools worldwide, including indices and portfolio risk and performance analytics.

Barra Performance on RIMES combines the wide range of high quality benchmark and market data available from RIMES with multi-asset class performance analytics from MSCI Barra. This platform enables users to analyse the sources of portfolio return using several different attribution models, reflecting their investment processes and enabling them to make more informed investment decisions.

Barra Performance on RIMES simplifies the use of equity and fixed income benchmarks, which come pre-loaded and ready to be utilised. A wide range of market data including asset returns and key rate durations are available for asset valuation, together with the ability to create custom benchmarks. Attribution on both single or multi-currency portfolios is also supported. A dynamic and interactive workflow enables users to streamline performance and attribution reporting.

Reports can be grouped using all data sources on RIMES, including the leading fundamental and estimate sources and user-defined classifications. RIMES' rigorous data checking system ensures that the benchmark data used is already validated. Users can be confident that the benchmark data is of the highest quality. The RIMES 24/7 support team is dedicated to solve any data anomalies in the shortest possible time.

Christian Fauvelais, Chief Executive Officer and Co-President of RIMES Technologies commented: "Barra Performance on RIMES combines MSCI Barra's outstanding performance analytics with RIMES' breadth and depth of data. We are delighted to be working with MSCI Barra to offer a performance measurement and attribution platform which simplifies and streamlines portfolio analysis and reporting."

"The successful development of Barra Performance on RIMES is a direct result of the close working relationship that we have wi have with RIMES," added Roveen Bhansali, Managing Director and Head of the Analytics Business at MSCI Barra. "Barra Performance on RIMES provides yet another opportunity for market participants to access our multi-asset class performance capabilities."

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