Jefferson National launches online communities

Source: Jefferson National

On a mission to help Americans save more for retirement, Jefferson National has launched two new online communities for consumers and advisors at: and

The communities provide a forum of resources including online tools, articles from industry experts, commentary from seasoned investors, and a blog where members share what they learn.

"As 76 million boomers approach retirement over the next two decades faced with a failing retirement safety net, volatile markets and rising uncertainty, they need to connect with their peers, their advisors and the experts to learn new ways to save more," said Laurence Greenberg, President and CEO of Jefferson National Life Insurance Company. "One new rule for saving more: There's no such thing as too much tax deferral. Arming investors with more tax-deferral through a no-load, Flat-Insurance Fee variable annuity helps them tackle two urgent needs: how to accumulate more-and how to make it last a lifetime."

At the center of these two communities is an interactive challenge to help members learn how much more they can save and how much more those savings can grow when they get more tax deferral by using the industry's first VA with a Flat-Insurance Fee of $20 per month(1) to cut costs and commissions, and 5x more fund choices(2) to navigate today's volatile markets:
• "Take the Annuity Rescue Challenge" using the latest data from Morningstar to compare a Flat-Insurance Fee VA with virtually any competing variable annuity-985 different products from 117 companies ( A conservative estimate based on Morningstar data suggests that consumers with variable annuities are paying at least $14 billion each year in insurance fees alone.(3)
• "Test the True Power of Tax-Deferral" to outperform a taxable account, even when capital gains taxes are at an all time low ( Using a tax-deferred Flat-Insurance Fee VA, the typical moderate investor can outperform a taxable account in just 10 years. It takes 13 years for an aggressive investor, 4 years for a moderate investor, and as little as 1 year for an active manager.(4) Tax-deferral can also generate higher after-tax returns for "tax-inefficient" assets, such as REITS and fixed income.(5)

"Monument Advisor's Flat-Insurance Fee preserves the true power of tax-deferral, to outperform taxable accounts and outdo traditional high-cost VAs, helping consumers accumulate more, generate more retirement income, and leave a larger legacy," said Jefferson National's Greenberg. "We encourage investors and advisors to join our new communities, take the challenge and see for themselves how much they can save and how much more their savings will grow."

1) Jefferson National's Monument Advisor has a $20 monthly flat insurance fee with no transaction fees on more than 97% of underlying funds. Additional fees ranging from $19.99-$49.99 will be assessed for investors wishing to purchase shares of ultra low-cost funds. See the prospectus for details. Like other variable annuities, the customer pays fees of the underlying funds selected plus the fees of any advisor hired. The base contract does not provide an enhanced death benefit. An optional enhanced death benefit is available for an additional fee. Please see prospectus for details.

2) Morningstar data as of 12/31/08.

3) Based on $1.3 trillion in variable assets according to the National Association of Variable Annuities (NAVA) and Morningstar quarterly data reported as of 09/30/08 and average insurance charges of 1.35% of assets per year based on Morningstar data as of 12/31/08.

4) Increasing Retirement Income through the Power of Tax-Deferral, Professor Ira Weiss, Ph.D., University of Chicago and Matthew Grove, Jefferson National, February, 2008.

5) After-Tax Asset Allocation, William Reichenstein, Financial Analysts Journal, Vol. 62, No. 4, pp. 14-19, July/August 2006.

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