Tervela joins AMQP working group

Source: Tervela

Tervela, a provider of hardware-accelerated, low-latency messaging systems, today announced it has joined the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) Working Group as part of its commitment to provide open and extensible solutions that drive interoperability.

AMQP is an open standard that enables complete interoperability for messaging middleware and defines both the networking protocol and the semantics of broker services. The working group, whose members include Cisco, Credit Suisse, JPMorgan, Microsoft and Red Hat, engenders collaboration on messaging infrastructure specifications that provide a simple yet powerful way to connect messaging-dependent applications both within and between organizations. This enables technology-neutral interoperability with messaging infrastructures such as the Tervela Message Network platform.

"We are pleased to welcome Tervela to the AMQP Working Group," said John O'Hara, Chairman of the AMQP Working Group and JPMorgan Distinguished Engineer. "Tervela's commitment to integrate AMQP with its hardware-accelerated message network underscores rising demand for standardized business messaging and the advantages it provides."

Tervela's membership in the working group supports collaboration and interoperability through the delivery of open, extensible solutions that enable customers to lay the foundation for future infrastructure demands while meeting contemporary messaging requirements. By joining the working group, Tervela becomes actively involved with the advancement of the AMQP specification.

"Customers and partners seek interoperable solutions that not only invigorate existing applications, but also provide an adaptable foundation for future architectural capabilities," said Barry Thompson, founder and CEO of Tervela. "Our membership in the AMQP working group helps to solidify our objectives to meet market demands for open solutions that can communicate across the enterprise." 

In addition to Tervela, the AMQP Working Group includes:  Cisco Systems, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Boerse Systems, Envoy Technologies, Goldman Sachs, iMatix Corporation, IONA Technologies/Progress Software, J.P. Morgan Chase, Microsoft Corporation, Novell, Rabbit Technologies, Red Hat, 29West, TWIST Process Innovations and WSO2.

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