Global Payments launches dynamic currency conversion for Indian merchants

Source: Global Payments

Global Payments Asia-Pacific, a joint venture between HSBC and US-based Global Payments, has introduced its Global HomeCurrencyPay service to merchants in India, following the successful launch of this dynamic currency conversion service in China, Malaysia and Taiwan.

The innovative new service allows Indian merchants to give their international customers the option to make payment in their home currency or in Indian Rupees using their Visa or MasterCard cards. The credit card payment transactions are converted to the customers' home currency at the point of sale, providing them with the convenience of immediately knowing the payment amount. With Global HomeCurrencyPay, a fast growing data processing service, merchants can generate incremental revenues when accepting international cards.

Commenting on the launch, president of Global Payments Asia-Pacific, Ian Courtnage, said, "Global Payments is focused on providing cutting-edge processing solutions to our merchants to benefit their customers' payment experience. Merchants in the travel and hospitality businesses in India will benefit from a new source of revenue on foreign card transactions and provide enhanced services to their customers."

Sidharth Singh, director, regional product & business development, further added, "The overall value proposition delivered by Global Payments offers the best in class experience including 22 transaction currencies processed in an automated and seamless manner at the merchants' existing point of sale terminals."

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