Voltage Security protects email at Wells Fargo

Source: Voltage Security

Voltage Security, a provider of information encryption, has announced that Wells Fargo & Company has selected and deployed Voltage SecureMail to secure email communications between Wells Fargo team members, customers, vendors and extended business partners.

Voltage SecureMail was selected and deployed by Wells Fargo because of ease of adoption by team members and customer; lowest total cost of ownership (there are no directories, certificates, or duplicate systems to manage); and ease of integration with the pre-existing messaging environment.

"We see secure communications as a mission critical part of our overall business strategy and a valued service to enable our customers to interact with the bank," said Steve Ellis, executive vice president of Wells Fargo's Wholesale Services Group. "With Voltage, our team members, customers, and business partners can interact online in a secure simple manner."

"Wells Fargo's deployment of Voltage SecureMail has quickly grown to be one of the largest use cases of secure email in the world," said Sathvik Krishnamurthy, president and CEO of Voltage Security. "Voltage SecureMail, powered by Identity-Based Encryption (IBE), is the only solution that scales to this level across very large, complex extended business networks," continued Krishnamurthy.

In the past, secure email systems at the financial services company went largely unused because inherent complexities in the user experience. Voltage provided a solution that is essentially invisible to internal team members and extremely easy to use for external recipients.

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