OneSource launches business consulting practice

Source: OneSource

OneSource Information Services, a leading provider of business information has launched a Research and Business Consulting practice to help financial services firms to plan for future growth, increased productivity and reduced risk. OneSource Research and Business Consulting is the result of a partnership with Dialectyx, an independent consulting firm that specialises in strategic and operational planning consultancy, research and data analysis.

The initiative builds on OneSource's expertise in helping financial services organisations implement and use business information use throughout the organisation in areas such as research, business development, procurement and risk.

Adding research, analysis and advisory services to its portfolio of core information provision is intended to significantly enhance the value of information to banks, whatever its source. Steven Shove, Vice President UK and Europe at OneSource, explains: "Providing self-service information services has been at the core of our business from its inception. Increasingly however, our customers expect that further value is provided by complementing our services with the additional research, analysis and interpretation that is sometimes needed to make really informed and effective business decisions."

OneSource Business Consulting offers market analysis, strategic reviews of business operations, cost reduction programmes and custom research. OneSource claims a positive response from its customer base for the new service. "Financial services organisations realise that professional evaluation of how data is used is proving essential to growth and even survival whilst operating through a recession," concluded Shove. "We are now able to offer strategic and tactical business consulting and research services using some of the best people in the business at market rates far more competitive than historically available."

"2009 will be a challenging time for every business," commented Stephen Arnold, Managing Director of Dialectyx. "The winners will be those companies that understand where they should develop new opportunities and avoid risks, and do so more quickly and efficiently than their competitors."

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