Oberthur and Xiring to provide 2-factor SIM authentication

Source: Oberthur Technologies

Oberthur Technologies, one of the world's leading providers of Smart Card based solutions announced today its enhanced SIM-based two-factor authentication offer for secure online services in partnership with XIRING, the leading provider of card based strong authentication solutions for e-banking and e-commerce payments. With this offer, Oberthur Technologies once again demonstrates its leading edge SIM Token service which is part of its OPERA offering for high-end SIM cards.

"The need for protecting the identity of individuals on the internet is increasing. With our enhanced SIM Token solution enabling two-factor authentication, mobile network operators (MNO) can offer their customers secure online solutions based on SIM cards." said Olivier Leroux, Director of the Mobile Product Line at the Card Systems Division of Oberthur Technologies.

The SIM-based two-factor authentication from Oberthur Technologies allows mobile operators to deploy SIM Token One Time Password (OTP) technology. Today Oberthur Technologies' SIM Token application runs in any SIM Toolkit compliant mobile phone; with this partnership with XIRING, the very same SIM cards are compatible with a XIRING authentication device. One of the key benefits of this solution is that it is compatible with all internet appliances such as PC, Mac, Linux and Smartphones.

Oberthur Technologies' SIM Token solution together with XIRING provides mobile network operators an edge when deploying strong identification services in the following situations:

- When subscribers work in restricted areas where they cannot use their handsets
- When subscribers want to use this secure solution without being forced to change their SIM card

"This is a new market for our solutions dedicated to secure online services. Apart from the e-banking and e-commerce payment services where our solutions are already deployed by millions, there are a variety of online services requiring user authentication. We are pleased to offer this authentication solution in partnership with Oberthur Technologies to the MNOs." said Laurent Maitre, Marketing Director, XIRING.

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