Vasco launches Digipass for Mobile 3.0

Source: Vasco

VASCO Data Security International, Inc. (Nasdaq: VDSI), a leading software security company specialising in authentication products, launches DIGIPASS® for Mobile 3.0 today at the Barcelona Mobile Conference. Customers and prospects can discover DIGIPASS for Mobile at the VASCO booth 2.1 - F61 where VASCO will be demonstrating how the mobile platform can be leveraged for authentication. With the launch of DIGIPASS for Mobile 3.0, VASCO reinforces its commitment to m-banking. DIGIPASS for Mobile is not only suited for m-banking, but also for e-banking and e-commerce environment. It brings banking level security to corporate environments. DIGIPASS for Mobile is an authentication solution for mobile phones offering time and event based two factor authentication and digital signature capability.

Banks worldwide are increasingly offering mobile banking services in their portfolio. The type of services vary largely from bank to bank and can range from the consultation of financial information (e.g. account statements, exchange rates, …) to full-fledged mobile financial transactions. With the increased number of services, the mobile platform also becomes vulnerable to attacks. The potential threats for m-banking are similar to those for e-banking. Hackers, as soon as a critical mass will use m-banking applications, will direct their attacks to mobile platforms as well. With DIGIPASS for Mobile VASCO is expanding its vast know-how in securing online transactions to the mobile platform.

The new version of DIGIPASS for Mobile mainly focuses on an improved user experience. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been revamped. Menus, messages, logos, colours, font can be fully adapted to the bank's branding, supporting the brand recognition for the end-user. This version supports multiple languages including Asian Characters sets amongst others Mandarin and Japanese. Menus have been extended and include links to services like ATM locator, WAP information etc. Furthermore DIGIPASS for Mobile now is also equipped with automatic update functionality. With possibility to send a digital signature using Out Of the Band mechanism, DIGIPASS for Mobile Phone extends transaction security to a next level.

For banks and integrators VASCO also offers a software development kit (DIGIPASS® API) to integrate DIGIPASS One-Time Password and digital signature capability directly into mobile banking applications while maintaining the existing back-end infrastructure.

DIGIPASS for Mobile is OATH and AES compliant. Both DIGIPASS for Mobile and the DIGIPASS API are based on proven VASCO VACMAN® Controller server technology. DIGIPASS for Mobile complies with regulatory requirements, including FFIEC guidelines and more than 400 different types of mobile devices are supported.

"The Mobile Conference in Barcelona is for us the ideal place to demonstrate how mobile devices can be leveraged for authentication. Today, almost everybody has a mobile phone or smart phone in his pocket. Not only do we use an existing platform for authentication, we already provide protection for malicious attacks on mobile platfoms. The growth in internet-enabled devices opens a number of opportunities for mobile applications. As the usage of these mobile applications increase, so will the malicious attempts. VASCO has a proven track record in securing online applications and transactions and is extending its expertise with DIGIPASS for Mobile to the mobile world.", says Jan Valcke, President and COO at VASCO Data Security.

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