Clearwater Analytics facilitates compliance with FAS 157 regulation

Source: Clearwater Analytics

Clearwater Analytics, a provider of web-based investment portfolio reporting and analytics, today announced enhancements to its platform that automate and facilitate compliance with U.S. Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Rule 157 guidelines.

The enhancements provide organizations with the necessary tools to define, measure, manage and report fair-value security level classifications and to meet disclosure requirements.

With offices in Boise, Idaho and New York City, Clearwater Analytics delivers integrated and actionable accounting, compliance, performance and risk reporting and analytics to investors, investment managers, custody banks and transaction execution portals. The company reports on nearly $400 billion in assets for more than 2,000 institutional investors globally on a daily basis.

According to FAS 157 guidelines, organizations must assign a fair-value measurement standard to all investment securities. Additionally, organizations must disclose fair-value measurement classification footnotes in financial statements to clarify the valuation method assigned to assets. With Clearwater Analytics’ FAS 157 functionality, investment professionals can:

  • Efficiently assign Level 1, 2 and 3 fair value classification standards;
  • Generate a FAS 157 disclosure matrix for financial statements;
  • Create roll-forward reporting for Level 3 securities; and
  • Simplify auditing of fair-value measurement classifications.

“Clearwater Analytics is a passionate pioneer of investment portfolio transparency,” stated Clearwater Analytics Chief Executive Officer, Courtlandt Gates. “Streamlining the process of complying with FAS 157 is just one example of the benefits that Clearwater delivers to its clients. Built on best practices, Clearwater’s platform improves operational efficiency, facilitates regulatory compliance and provides crucial information to drive decision making.”

Clearwater Analytics will release FAS 157 functionality Tuesday, February 17 at no extra charge to current clients. Fees for Clearwater Analytics’ reporting services are based on client assets reported on the system.

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