ClariFi releases ModelStation 4.0

Source: ClariFi

lariFI, a Standard & Poor's Capital IQ business and leading provider of software and services focused exclusively on providing investment managers with complete solutions to their research and production workflows, today announced the availability of ModelStation v4.0.

This new version introduces Event Study, an industry-first event analysis tool designed to help clients determine the impact of discrete events on future returns. With its intuitive graphical interface, extensive data integration capabilities, and dynamic charting features, Event Study delivers the flexibility and scalability needed for investors to understand the impact of both qualitative and quantitative information such as news, analyst estimates, and company-level fundamental changes.

Gioel Molinari, ClariFI's Founder and Managing Director said, "Event Study offers invaluable insight into the effects of qualitative, macro, and quantitative variables and enables users to test event-driven strategies in real-world conditions resulting in better-informed decisions." He continued, "This new functionality expands ModelStation's capabilities to benefit traditional investment managers as well as the more quantitatively oriented. We believe that ModelStation should address the continuum of investment management styles and the growing need to unite the fundamental and quantitative worlds."

In addition to Event Study, ModelStation v4.0 contains significant advancements in risk and portfolio attribution, optimization, usability, and system performance including:

* Time-Series Security Master - new historical mapping and membership features allow for better coverage of historical identifiers in imported datasets and analysis of time-series groupings;
* SQL Risk Model Loading - ability to load risk models from any SQL database for increased speed and accuracy;
* Capital IQ-Compustat® Global Point-In-Time - turnkey integration with this new dataset allows users to discover uncharted sources of alpha with extended historical analysis and daily data granularity;
* R-Based Charting - custom charting through user-defined graphics scripts provide full access to the rich graphics capabilities of R;
* Multiple Risk Terms in ClariFI Portfolio Optimizer - allowizer wizer - allows users to constrain or penalize risk or tracking error with two different risk models simultaneously;
* Portfolio Attribution - includes enhanced export capabilities, new intuitive visual representation of exposures, and support for multi-currency attribution.

Donovan Goodreau, ClariFI's Vice President of Sales and Business Development said, "Our goal with ModelStation v4.0 was to keep our client-driven focus on feature enhancements and value-add functionality, and to continue our track-record of product innovation and industry expertise." He continued, "This latest version not only strengthens our capabilities in the global investment management space, it also positions ClariFI as one of the few technology providers capable of delivering a product suite that consistently exceeds performance standards and meets the needs of both fundamental and quantitative investors."

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