STS and Tailwind offer retailers easy-to-integrate contactless readers

Source: Smart Technology Solutions

Smart Technology Solutions Limited (STS), an innovator in smart card solutions, today announces its partnership with Tailwind Solutions to provide a cost effective and seamless contactless payment technology. Tailwind Solutions and STS have pioneered a unique technology and by using leading payment integrators, including Secure Retail, offer retailers a quick, cost effective solution to roll out contactless card readers. Retailers can capitalise on their existing Chip and PIN investment without losing valuable space at the point of sale.

By integrating the STS SmartNS framework retailers can take advantage of STS' award-winning EMV level 2 kernel, EMVlink, for fast, secure Chip and PIN transactions and also seamlessly accept contactless payments. By adding in the partnership with Tailwind and their unique POS Paddle™, the retailers can roll out contactless readers without having to compromise their point of sale space or change their existing Chip and PIN terminals. This results in a simple, integrated point of interaction for both the customer and till operator.




Tailwind, strategic marketing consultancy specializing in payment systems, identified the key barriers for retailers when it came to deploying contactless technology. Initially there were only two options available, either deploy a new Chip and PIN device with an integrated contactless card reader or have a separate contactless card reader sitting alongside the existing Chip and PIN device. Neither of these options are ideal for retailers as one does not utilize the initial significant investment in Chip and PIN equipment made by retailers, while the other takes up valuable counter space. Furthermore, having two separate points of payment interaction causes confusion for both the customer and point of sale operator, especially in the cases where the system 'upgrades' a contactless transaction to a full Chip and PIN transaction.




Tailwind's POS Paddle™ addresses these issues as it is a semi-integrated device that reuses the retailer's existing investment in Chip and PIN. It minimizes the use of counter space and provides a clear landing area for contactless cards, resulting in a minimum investment for retailers to easily deploy contactless technology at their point of sale as well as providing a single point of interaction for cardholders. In addition, the STS SmartNS framework will drive both Chip and PIN and contactless card readers, ensuring the fastest transaction times possible.




The flexibility of STS' SmartNS automatically enables the card reader to accept additional payment technologies, such as loyalty or gift cards or any future developments in payment technology.




"With the increasing interest in contactless payment technology the business case is firmly in place. By working with Tailwind Solutions, we are pleased to be able to offer a simple and adaptable contactless payment infrastructure for retailers which is compatible with virtually all points of sale," Said Cameron Olsen, Vice President, Business Development, STS.




Garry Knox, Director for Tailwind solutions said: "Together, SmartNS and POS Paddle™ ensure that contactless card technology will work seamlessly with Chip and PIN devices, resulting in a single, simple transaction process. Our partnership with STS provides a seamless and cost effective solution for retailers considering contactless payments."




Ken Grubb, Director and General Manager of Secure Retail Ltd, said: "Secure Retail believes POS Paddle™ is a product that puts the needs of retailers first. We are confident that the contactless offering will bring substantial and wide-ranging benefits to our many retail clients such as speed of service, faster transaction rates and improved cash security."

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