Smart Trade embeds EsperTech CEP software into liquidity management system

Source: Smart Trade Technologies

Smart Trade Technologies announced today that it signed an OEM agreement with EsperTech to embed their Esper event-stream (ESP) and complex-event processing (CEP) software in the smartTrade liquidity management system (LMS).

Through this agreement, Smart Trade customers will have access to event-stream and complex-event processing intelligence, supporting their best execution strategies under Reg NMS and MiFID.

The smartTrade liquidity management system helps top tier banks, brokers, exchanges and asset managers manage liquidity for best execution, smart routing of orders for one or more asset classes across regional and global trading operations, enhanced client servicing and tighter control of flow for risk management. Comprised of four components - a LiquidityAggregator, a LiquidityCrosser, a LiquidityOrchestrator, a smart-order router and LiquidityConnect, the link to multiple execution venues - the smartTrade system knows at all times the states of the orders so that the full lifecycle of reconciliation and a guarantee of reliability are assured.

EsperTech's Esper is the only open-source Java ESP and CEP engine in use today. Targeted to real-time event-driven architectures, the CEP engine detects and correlates in real-time complex situations when user-defined conditions occur among large volume event streams. It enables financial firms to convert rapidly escalating volumes of market data flowing across disparate systems into actionable competitive intelligence. EsperTech products combine rich CEP capabilities and continuous query processing with enterprise-grade capabilities and are capable of being integrated with any platform and middleware, ensuring best productivity, choice and adaptability.

According to Smart Trade's co-founder and CTO David Vincent, by integrating with the EsperTech ESP/CEP engine, "Smart Trade's customers will be able to rely on a domain-specific CEP for their SOR, crossing and aggregation strategies on top of already existing programmable rules that our liquidity management system produces and implements to ensure best execution for their firm and clients. This clearly proves that CEP and liquidity management are complementary teary technologies."

"Smart Trade is a strong supporter of open-source technologies, leading global projects like QuickFixJ," said Thomas Bernhardt, founder and CEO at EsperTech. "The EsperTech and Smart Trade agreement combines and extends our open-source roots to maximize fit for purpose and confidence while minimizing costs for Reg NMS and MiFID best-execution deployments. This once again confirms how our enterprise-ready and open-source CEP makes sense in today's world across all industries."

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