Phoebus launches lending business consultancy

Source: Phoebus Software

In addition to its full range of lending and banking software products, Phoebus Software Limited has announced a new service offering for the lending market - Business Transformation Consultancy.

For those who already know Phoebus Software, this is a natural progression in the company's development, building on significant business strengths within the organisation and formalising assistance services already provided to many of its clients. The company has been called on increasingly in recent times to provide business consultancy guidance both to existing and prospective clients, and felt it was time to formalise the massive expertise it has built up in this area by offering it directly to the market place.

Speaking of the development, Phoebus Software's CEO, Robert Lintonbon, said, "In effect, we have been providing business consultancy to our clients for many years now, covering all aspects of people and processes. Typically, this has focused on lenders embarking on new areas of business, with Phoebus Software providing hands-on expertise to help create the most efficient organisational set-ups.

"The success of this increasingly important element of our work has not been down simply to good fortune. Over the past few years we have actively recruited respected industry experts, building on the existing team and allowing us to take on increasingly complex business projects. Alongside this internal team we have an additional, external network of top industry advisers, who are also available to clients and potential clients.
"This combined group already provides not only advice and guidance on best practice for businesses investing in new areas of lending for themselves, but also devises and implements procedures to administer aspects of companies current lending more efficiently.

"Today, our desire to promote best industry practice and help lenders in unfamiliar lending territory has led us to formalise our service offering by making it available to any lender in the market. For organisations considering entry into new market areas, or those seeking efficiency gains in their existing set-up, our consultants can help plan and implement change acrocross their organisation."

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