IPay adds Verizon Communications to proprietary payment network

Source: iPay Technologies

IPay Technologies, a leading online bill-pay provider for 2,800 financial institutions, today announced that it has added Verizon Communications to its proprietary payment network, iPayNET.

More than 2,000 billers in 50 states and Puerto Rico rely on iPay Technologies to accurately process a range of transaction types across iPayNET, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"We handle transactions from every state in the United States, process them across our secure processing network, deliver them timely to our extensive network of billers, and fund them via the Automated Clearing House," said Steve Hooper iPay Technologies' Senior Vice President of Payment Strategy. Mr. Hooper also stated, "Our desire is to provide a reliable, secure and cost-effective network to our financial institutions and the billers with whom their clients transact, while at the same time ensuring a very positive customer service experience."

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