JP Morgan Treasury Services updates online payables offering

Source: JP Morgan

JP Morgan's Treasury Services business, a full-service provider of cash management, trade finance and treasury solutions, today announced it has made important enhancements to its online payables solution, Payables Web Services.

These enhancements allow clients to manage automated clearing house (ACH) debit and credit transactions and mitigate fraud online, as well as streamline check printing. Payables Web Services are made available through the bank's online portal, JPMorgan ACCESSSM.

"In today's rapidly changing business environment, secure management of the payables function is more critical than ever for our clients," stated Iqbal M. Khan, executive director, J.P. Morgan Treasury Services. "At J.P. Morgan, we have always placed the highest priority on ensuring that our clients have the tools they need to execute their business in the most efficient ways possible. These enhancements to our leading-edge Payables Web Services are evidence of that commitment."

By bringing enhanced electronic management to the bank's online payables solution, J.P. Morgan also further extends the paper to electronic progression, allowing clients to streamline their payables processes while gaining online access to a richer data pool of critical information.

Enhancements to Payables Web Services support the bank's announcement in the fall of 2008 to increase its service capabilities. With an investment of $1 billion, J.P. Morgan is growing its infrastructure and integrating capabilities globally to meet clients' increasing need for cash management tools and services.

ACH Security Services Take A Byte Out of Fraud

While transacting payments via the ACH system is one of the most secure ways to do business, experts agree that the industry must remain vigilant to keep fraudsters at bay. J.P. Morgan takes fraud prevention seriously and is constantly working to enhance safeguards built into payment products.

J.P. Morgan's Payables Web Services includes a new module, ACH Transaction Review, a fraud mitigation tool that enables clients to review and confirm ACH debit and credit transactions online and return unauthorized transactions on a case-by-case basis.

The firm also offers ACH Debit Blocking, a tool that automatically blocks unauthorized ACH debits from being posted to accounts.

Check Print Service Streamlines Accounts Payable Process

The Check Print module of J.P. Morgan's Payables Web Services enables clients to conveniently print checks by submitting a single electronic file to the Bank. J.P. Morgan then prints and mails checks and then submits a file for Positive Pay check review and account reconciliation. Check Print helps reduce the costs and risks of accounts payable check printing.

Payables Web Services also includes Check Image Retrieval which allows for convenient check inquiry and retrieval. This online check imaging service provides around-the-clock, secure access to vital disbursement information. Clients can search for paid checks, place stop payments and view check images, all online.

"These enhancements to our Payables Web Services allow clients to maximize fraud mitigation and increase operational efficiencies within their disbursement activities," added Khan. "Amongst those efficiencies is the ability to outsource check printing, which further streamlines payables processes. With 20 years of check printing experience, and an annual check printing volume in excess of 25 million checks per year, J.P. Morgan is able to deliver a low-cost, high-quality check print solution that clients can trust."

Key features and benefits of J.P. Morgan's Payables Web Services:

  • Search for paid checks, deposit ticket data and images, place stop payments and view check images over the Internet
  • Streamline account reconciliation processing by importing and uploading check-issue information to the bank
  • Expedite receipt of reconciliation reports and bank statements by retrieving them over the Internet

Payables Web Services can be integrated with J.P. Morgan's Check Print and ACH Transaction Review modules and includes these key features and benefits:

  • Reduce costs, risks and resources associated with printing checks
  • Submit a single electronic file to print, mail and reconcile checks
  • Control end-to-end check printing and sourcing via the Internet
  • Minimize exposure to ACH and paid check fraud by quickly and accurately making positive pay and ACH exception decisions online
  • Protect against unauthorized ACH debit transactions or posting incorrect ACH credit transactions
  • Control who can post ACH debits to accounts
  • Return unauthorized transactions that post to accounts

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