Asset Control upgrades data management software

Source: Asset Control

Asset Control, a world-wide leader in financial data management solutions, has released a new version of its TAPMaster data management software that provides users with enhanced validation, graphical visualization and exception handling.

TAPMaster 4.0 provides the following enhancements:

  • Centrally stored and easily managed validation rules for error detection, designed to meet a wide range of financial institutions' requirements out of the box
  • Enhanced exception handling, cleansing and workflow, allowing organizations to manage exceptions in line with business functions, tasks and roles
  • Expanded data source support, standardized data coverage and maintained feed handlers, providing flexibility and broad coverage particularly for complex instruments
  • Graphical schemas to provide transparency for business users

TAPMaster's enhanced data validation functionality allows firms to determine the accuracy and completeness of financial data from a variety of sources. With version 4.0, business users can easily define data validation rules using English-language phrases and pick-lists in a browser-based interface. The new rules engine applies each rule and records exceptions which are then resolved prior to data extraction, processing or populating downstream systems. TAPMaster provides an intuitive graphical user interface combined with the straightforward upgrade, support and maintenance of a web-based solution.

Phil Lynch, Asset Control's president and chief executive officer, said, "Financial institutions are in need of easily implemented and robust solutions to help them acquire and manage critical information, and then make that information easily utilized by their various applications and reports. TAPMaster helps to make the process of sourcing, cleansing and distributing data simplified and transparent. With greater visualization, sophisticated matching and referencing techniques, TAPMaster allows firms to rapidly store, distribute and report on a broad range of data using a standardized product that provides greater consistency across the organization."

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