Experian and PredictiveMetrics launch collection scoring suite

Source: Experian

Experian, a global information services provider, and PredictiveMetrics, Incorporated (PMI), a statistical decision modeling and analytical solutions provider, today announced the launch of PriorityScore for Collections.

PriorityScore for Collections(SM) comprises a suite of collection scoring models blending Experian's credit reporting agency data with client-supplied data that produces an accurate ranking and predictive forecast of consumer repayment amounts.

"With the current economic downturn, organizations are facing unprecedented financial challenges," said Steven Wagner, Experian's Consumer Information Services president. "Experian and PMI have developed a unique service to help clients make better financial decisions. PriorityScore for Collections will automatically select from 60 model equations that provide a blended recovery score that is specific to each client's account. Through this score, clients can more accurately prioritize and pursue the accounts that are most likely to pay."

PriorityScore for Collections provides creditors, collection agencies and debt buyers with the advantage of predicting two outcomes - dollars to be collected and expected payers. By having the ability to predict expected dollars to be paid in addition to the traditional payer score, organizations can prioritize collection actions based on cost, effort and impact optimizing collection yields. The algorithms that drive these scores are derived from models segmented by account balances along with the debt type and age of debt. Clients will be able to score and make decisions on more accounts since the models leverage client data.

"Organizations that are experiencing difficulties in profitably collecting, due to the struggling economy, can now execute a tailored recovery strategy based on the most advanced collection score technology in the industry. This groundbreaking technology is used to improve payment cash flows and effectively apply collection resources to better manage collection costs," said Michael Banasiak, president of PredictiveMetrics(TM), Inc. "PriorityScore for Collections provides collectors with critical information that enables them to reduce the guesswork in prioritizing which debtors to pursue first, creating a win-win situation as collectors achieve optimal results and consumers can improve their credit records by paying off the debt."

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