Trillium and Cordys form alliance

Source: Trillium Software

Trillium Software, a business of Harte-Hanks, Inc. (NYSE:HHS) and a leading enabler of Total Data Quality solutions, and Cordys Software, the leading provider of software for business process innovation deployable in the Cloud as a complete Platform as a Service (PaaS), today announced a worldwide technology alliance.

Cordys Software will work closely with Trillium Software to help customers quickly incorporate batch and real-time data quality best practices into their enterprises as a core component of their Cordys business process management initiatives. Cordys has developed a connector that tightly integrates the robust data quality capabilities of the Trillium Software System, a leading data quality software solution, with the Cordys Business Operations Platform.

"The Cordys and Trillium Software alliance provides our customers the ability to ensure that data quality strategies are properly implemented within an overall holistic approach to business process and operations change management," said Theodoor van Donge, chief technology officer at Cordys. "No matter how well-constructed core business processes might be in an organisation, they will fail to support good decision making, effective operations or compliance if source data is of poor quality."

The Trillium Software System is a comprehensive solution that enables organisations to understand, correct, monitor and manage data quality across multiple enterprise applications and technologies.

"Trillium Software offers a complete global data quality solution, compatible with nearly all customer-driven applications, which is now readily available as a component of the Cordys Business Operation Platform," said Len Dubois, senior vice president of marketing at Trillium Software.

"This strategic alliance is instrumental to our plans for enabling customers to deliver on their promise of improved business process management.

Jointly, we are well-prepared for the exciting opportunities across industries and markets as customers seek to capitalise on their top IT initiatives such as master data management, governance, regulatory compliance, and business intelligence."

The solutions from the two companies work together to help maximise the success of business process developments, including where these initiatives include investments in compliance systems, supply-chain management, data warehousing, customer relationship management (CRM) and other active data-dependant developments.

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