FircoSoft becomes Sword FircoSoft

Source: FircoSoft

FircoSoft, the leading global provider of watchlist filtering solutions, today announced the implementation of the new Sword Group branding.

FircoSoft has been a member of the Sword Group since 2000 and was one of the first software companies within the Group. Since then, the software division of the Group has grown strongly, offering products that are all world class in their markets, such as insurance, wholesale finance, enterprise content management, governance risk & compliance management, customer relationship management and oil & gas. Today, in order to have a consistent image throughout the Group and to present all the Business Units under one main corporate brand, the Sword Group has launched a rebranding campaign.

"Starting in 2009, we are adopting the new Sword look, with the Sword logo as the unique brand for all the Business Units and a new name: Sword FircoSoft. 2009 will represent the starting point of a new identity and corporate philosophy, even more focused on our customers' business and on improved quality, new product offerings and services", said Heribert Westerveld, Sword FircoSoft Senior Business Unit Director.

Sword FircoSoft's membership of the Sword Group gives the added benefit of additional resources to enhance its product strategy and to adopt new technologies. "The name change emphasises the fact that we have access to these resources within a group that has expertise in many areas and nearly 2000 employees", Heribert Westerveld added.

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