MoneyAisle introduces CD laddering option

Source: MoneyAisle

MoneyAisle, a free, fully-automated reverse online auction site where consumers find great rates on Bank CDs and High-Yield Savings accounts, introduced its newest feature - CD laddering.

A CD ladder involves taking a sum of money and investing it in various Certificates of Deposit with different maturity dates to produce a predictable cash flow.

The first of its kind in the industry, MoneyAisle's CD laddering feature enables Credit Unions, as well as non-profits, financial planners, and businesses, to perform sophisticated, automated CD laddering across multiple durations in a single session across multiple FDIC-Member banks. The system runs simultaneous auctions for each of the chosen durations, and displays the round-by-round bids and constantly increasing rates until the highest rates available in the MoneyAisle network for each of these durations are achieved. At the end of the auction, MoneyAisle computes the optimal combination to maximize the overall APY of the ladder within the Credit Union's specified constraints.

Credit Unions are expected to place more and more of their CD portfolio out to auction as their current CDs mature. MoneyAisle's CD Ladder manages to create an instant investment portfolio. "Investment experts consistently preach the benefits of laddering," says Mukesh Chatter, CEO of MoneyAisle, "by allowing Credit Unions to build an entire ladder across several FDIC-insured accounts almost instantly, we have made the process incredibly easy and streamlined."

MoneyAisle's easy-to-use website lets these Credit Unions watch as banks battle to give them higher interest rates on their CDs in live, on demand auctions. The results are provided instantly through MoneyAisle's innovative technology, which allows the banks to bid dynamically in these auctions through a fully automated process.

"We found MoneyAisle to be very quick and easy to use. This provides a great alternative for our credit union to receive high yields with strong FDIC insured banks. Service and support has been excellent," said David Bieneman, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of State Central Credit Union, a credit union based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Also, Credit Unions can view simultaneous auctions of multiple CD amounts, through a process which works in a similar way to the laddering feature. Chatter explains, "Credit Unions have told us that they would like to see a comparison of different amounts so they could make sure they don't miss an opportunity. This feature allows them to easily keep an eye on the yields available for different amounts."

All MoneyAisle banks are members of the FDIC and are further pre-screened through an independent bank rating agency - ratings are automatically provided at the conclusion of each auction. The Credit Union can filter banks by using this rating if they prefer to have banks meet a certain criteria, and they are automatically presented with the banks that match this new criteria and the corresponding auction result. This automated tool, provided to allow the Credit Union maximum flexibility when choosing which banks they wish to include in their CD Ladder, continues MoneyAisle's mission to provide its clients with great rates on financial products through a process that is both secure and easy.

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