Bats claims world's third largest stock exchange in notional value traded

Source: Bats Exchange

Bats Exchange, an innovative and technology leading U.S. securities exchange, reports $552.26 billion in notional value traded on its platform in December, making Bats the world's third-largest securities exchange behind the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq.

BATS Exchange went live as a national securities exchange in October 2008 in some symbols and fully converted on Nov. 6, 2008. In November 2008, BATS reported $608.91 billion in notional value traded, again trailing only the US operations of NYSE and Nasdaq.

"It is encouraging to know that the value in shares traded on BATS Exchange ranks as one of the top three in the world, something we barely imagined possible when we went live in January 2006," said BATS Exchange Chairman and CEO Joe Ratterman. "We continue to feel a tremendous responsibility to the broker-dealer community and understand that our mission to Make Markets Better has only just begun."

In addition to NYSE, Nasdaq, and BATS as the top three exchanges in the global top 10 for December, the remaining seven stock exchanges in terms of notional value traded were the Tokyo Stock Exchange ($333.68 billion), Shanghai Stock Exchange ($229.46 billion), London Stock Exchange ($202.53 billion), Euronext ($189.27 billion), Deutsche Borse ($176.29 billion), Spain's BME ($113.93 billion) and China's Shenzhen Stock Exchange ($112.60 billion).

Source: BATS, Nasdaq and NYSE figures are supplied from BATS internal sources and do not include odd-lot executions. All other exchange information is from the World Federation of Exchanges web site.

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